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Whoa. It's been a long time. What have I been up to? 


Adopting Tot 

The Wedding Crown

Oh, I've been waiting a while to share this. In my short career, I have been fortunate to make some special pieces for some pretty lovely people, but this reaches a new level. Introducing the first Folly a Tet Wedding Crown. 







Yes, June!! This is my favourite time of year. I love the long days, the way the air smells, and feeling the sun on my skin. Not to mention that my birthday is at the end of the month. Nature is so inspiring, especially in Spring/Summer, and spending much time outdoors lately has me full of ideas for new Folly a Tet pieces. 

My Mini Masterpiece Frame Necklace


Image by eWoodStory on Etsy


Spring Markets

Spring is finally here! 

Folly a Tet will be participating in two amazing markets in the next month. I will have many new designs that I've been working on, including two different styles of bangles, and bendable headbands that form to fit anyone. 


List of Exciting Things

"They All Love You" (sold)


2015 is feeling pretty damn good so far. While I promise to get into detail in future posts, let me just jot down a list of what's keeping me awake at night. 


Still here!




Farewell, 2014


Photo credit: Mike Tan. Taken at Market Collective. 

As I am typing this, 2014 is only several hours away from completion. While I don't make a big deal out of New Years, I do think it's an excellent excuse to reflect on the time that has passed, and try to sum things up in one way or another. 

The FAQ Post


How do you say that? 

Faw-lee uh tet, like pet. 


Are Folly a Tet pieces itchy? I mean, it is wool. 

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