Still here!




Yes, I'm still here! Already, it feels like 2015 is passing by in a blurr. The first six weeks of my year were devoted to working on a burlesque number for The Garter Girls' Valentine's Day show. It was difficult putting Folly a Tet aside, but also a nice break to work on something so radically different. And boy, was the show ever spectacular! I love being a part of such a wonderful, talented group of people who are so passionate about an art form. So much of what I do is solitary, which I quite enjoy, but it's also great to be surrounded by awesome friends. Life is pretty good. 

Now that my focus has returned to Folly a Tet, I feel like I could burst with ideas! Most of my time lately has been spent on researching and making felted lovelies. It has turned into a bit of an obsession. Not only am I working towards having a cohesive Spring/Summer collection, but also working on larger projects that may or may not become a Folly a Tet collectable. 

Some new earring shapes! 


I've also had the opportunity of creating my first commissioned mobile! Kristin contacted me with an idea, and some pretty rad colour choices (Coral is in my top three for faves). I had a lot of fun creating "Patty Cake", and am so pleased with how she turned out! 


Painted branch

Poms of Merino, Corriedale, Alpaca, Silk, and Cashmere


Yep, I think this is my favourite mobile yet. Even my ultra conservative Dad likes it. It was a pleasure working with you, Kristin! 

There is much more to tell you, but I will leave it at that for now. Talk to you soon! 





Yep, I think this is my favourite mobile yet. Even my ultra conservative Dad likes it. It was a pleasure working with you, Kristin!

There is much more to tell you, but I will leave it at that for now. Talk


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