Holiday Markets


Holy crow, it's just about that time of year again. The busiest, and arguably the best, season for us crafters and makers. I have been happily busy making tons of new and exciting pieces that will be unveiled at six different markets this Holiday season!

Summer/September Wrap Up


With fall in full swing, and my total lack of blog posts over the past few months, I decided it would be a fine time to sum up how wonderful this Summer was. Let's include September as well. 

Summer Markets


May Markets


Spring is slowly dragging it's ass to my city, and I could not want anything more. It has been so refreshing and energizing to work on Follies that reflect the optimism that Spring (and the anticipation of Summer) brings. It feels great to share it with others! 

Post CCC

Commonwealth Collectors Club

For the first market of the year, Folly a Tet will be at the Commonwealth Collectors Club on February 9th from 2-6pm. I've heard there will be mimosas. 


Shiny New Year


Slowly, things are coming together to give a much needed makeover. There will be all new Follies in the shop, blog posts (heyy), and new photo galleries. Those things take a lot of work, and I'm still recovering from December. Bear with me!

I have my tired face on


Post Market Collective

This past weekend at Market Collective was great. I especially enjoyed the atmosphere of the C-Space building (formerly the King Edward School - kinda spooky) and meeting the other vendors. So many lovely people with such creative ideas; my mind is swimming with inspiration. Next year, I would like to do more markets for the holiday season. As much fun as I had, markets are super exhausting, and I need several days to recuperate afterwards. Blaaaaaaaaah. Sometimes this Tet gets too Follied...if you know what I mean...yknow?


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