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List of Exciting Things

"They All Love You" (sold)


2015 is feeling pretty damn good so far. While I promise to get into detail in future posts, let me just jot down a list of what's keeping me awake at night. 


The FAQ Post


How do you say that? 

Faw-lee uh tet, like pet. 


Are Folly a Tet pieces itchy? I mean, it is wool. 

Holiday Markets


Holy crow, it's just about that time of year again. The busiest, and arguably the best, season for us crafters and makers. I have been happily busy making tons of new and exciting pieces that will be unveiled at six different markets this Holiday season!


May Markets

Post CCC

Commonwealth Collectors Club

For the first market of the year, Folly a Tet will be at the Commonwealth Collectors Club on February 9th from 2-6pm. I've heard there will be mimosas. 


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